Sarah’s knowledge and experience in the field of PPN offers a  transformational experience based on the gentle re-patterning of birth and early childhood imprints that we can still carry as adults & that continue to impact us throughout our lives.  With this gentle approach to healing, we work with the neuroplasticiy of our brains to support the healing of these imprints from the early emotional and psychological bonds we formed with our parents and caregivers.  


The benefit of this work allows for:

  • a gentle way to heal and re-pattern early trauma
  • greater connection within intimate relationships to ourselves and with others
  • ways to connect more deeply to our inner resources so to meet everyday life with
  • helps us tap into and access the  life-force that is our birthright
  • a 'coming Home' more deeply into ourSelves and our body. 

The work is done through body-led wisdom, following each individual’s ‘somatic memory’ of early experiences.  It holds a magic that has the potential for deep transformation. 

This modality is deeply supportive during the pre-conception period, throughout gestation, birth and early bonding for our little-ones as well as the re-patterning potential within adults and children alike.


      "To do this (healing) is to literally rewrite your life, 
its flow and your destiny!"

- Anaiya Sophia from the book, Womb Wisdom