Sarah’s kind, compassionate, and gentle disposition made me feel comfortable from our initial meeting. She exceeded all of our expectations, both with her physical and inner-strength as she tirelessly attended to my every need. She helped relieve excruciating back labor pains with constant counter-pressure and she never left me alone for one minute, allowing my partner to rest up for the delivery of our son. She even stayed hours after the birth ensuring that I had eaten and she even helped my newborn learn how to nurse. She was also in contact with us several days after the birth providing homeopathic care along with emotional support & release for myself, partner, and baby. Ultimately, Sarah made our dream birth a reality— and for that we are eternally grateful.
— Tara Burk, School Teacher
After two decades studying somatics, I have never felt as enlivened, integrated, vital and connected to my body mind and spirit after a class, as I have with Sarah’s. The stage she sets for a sacred union of breath, vocal expression, sound vibration & spontaneous movement is far more profound than simply releasing patterns. Sarah’s teaching actually creates patterns of potent integration that knit our individual cellular matrix into the matrix of our evolving planet. After her class I feel connected to our Earth, the ocean waves and the cosmos; it is extraordinarily wonderful. I wish this delicious pleasure and healthy vitality for anyone who studies with Sarah.
— Greg Philips, Somatic Practitioner
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Sarah provided me with a truly safe and supportive environment and offered me a gentle, yet extremely powerful cranial session. I felt as though I was in the hands of someone I could totally trust and the healing that occurred, as a result, was obvious. I would recommend Sarah’s cranial sessions to anyone who would like to feel like they have just experienced a half hour of replenishing bliss! It’s delightful!
— Justine A., BD Cranial Sacral Therapist
Sarah’s help before and after the birth of our son was so supportive for our family. I was grateful that although we were far away, that she was available on Skype and phone sessions. I believe it was through Sarah’s love and wisdom that our son was able to release a lot of birth trauma from a C- Section. Also, the support that she gave, allowed me to relax and be present for my son on deeper levels. Sarah has a softness that is so soothing and along with her strength and knowledge she is a perfect expression of Love!
— Marla Mervis-Hartmann, Massage Practitioner
Sarah has a beautiful, compassionate, loving heart that creates a nurturing field for coming into relationship with our bodies. Her choices of anatomical images are inspirational for the seasoned somatic practitioner and at the same time provide a clear guide into the body for the beginner. Sarah truly embodies her life’s work & shares her gift in a way that supports profound growth into healthy relationship individually with our bodies which then enables us to come into a healthier relationship with others & the planet. Really beautiful to be part of her classes & witness this growth in others. After having class with her, not only did I feel a deeper sense of peace and wellbeing, but I felt a new heightened sense of connection to the earth & my community. I left Sarah’s class invigorated with life and my own life’s work.
— Jessica Fontaine Beaulieu, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist