The word “doula,” also known as a “birth coach.” originates from the Ancient Greek word meaning, “a woman who serves.”  A doula is a non-medical support person who assists a woman before, during, and after childbirth.  She holds as a support role for the birthing mother as well as her partner and/or family by providing continuous physical assistance, emotional support, and information.

Numerous studies have shown that with the provision of continuous support during labor by a doula, labor is shorter with fewer complications; there is a reduced need for induction, interventions, pain medications and/or procedures; both mother and baby are healthier, and babies breastfeed more easily.

Statistically, studies have shown that having a doula's presence during labour results in:

  • 60% reduction in epidural requests
  • 50% reduction in Cesarean rate
  • 25% shorter labour
  • 40% reduction in the use of Pitocin
  • 40% reduction in forceps delivery                                                                                                                                      
  • 30% reduction in analgesia use

Information was obtained from Mothering the Mother: How a Doula Can Help You Have a Shorter, Easier and Healthier Birth   -Klaus, Kennell, and Klaus (1993)

A Doula’s Role:

  • Stays with the birthing mother throughout labor, from the moment she is called until hours after birth
  • Provides continuous emotional support, and physical comfort measures throughout labor
  • Supports the family with providing information needed to make informed decisions
  • Assists the woman and family in preparing for and carrying out her desired birth plan
  • Understands and has studied the physiology of birth
  • Holds and understands the emotional needs of the woman in labor
  • Holds support and space for the woman's partner to participate at his/her comfort level
  • Facilitates communication between the laboring woman, her partner and her clinical care providers be it a home or   hospital birth
  • Recognizes and holds the sanctity of the birth experience as a rite of passage that the mother and baby will remember for life
  • During the time the woman reflects back on her memory of thebirth experience, she holds a  nurturing and protective  presence
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Using her skills attained from her years of study and experience within the Pre- and –Peri-natal somatic Psychology and attachment field and Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy, Sarah holds a neutral support space for Mom and baby, holding as a fulcrum for the innate wisdom of birth to unfold in both mom’s and baby’s bodies, working together in harmony.