"The Mother of the Universe refuses to let me worship her outside myself anymore. She has withdrawn inside me and tells me if I want to know her I have to come inside, too, which is the last place I want to be. Although she’s been telling me for years, she’s never gone to this extreme before – of actually hiding inside me. If I want to love her, I can only do it by loving myself now."

~ Cassia Berman


The basis of continuum movement, founded by Emilie Conrad, is based on that the body is comprised of mostly water.  We use sound to simulate the fluid within the tissue of our body, be it within fascia, bone, that which surrounds our brain, spinal cord and nerves, around our organs etc.  From a place of deep listening, we allow the inherent wisdom to guide our internal movement and see what unfolds.  Sound creates vibration and when we sound into our body, it is the fluid within that acts as the medium and picks up the vibratory effect.  The movement of water reveals itself as wave motion, undulation, pulsation, curves, and spirals.  As fluid beings, we rest deeply into our innermost nature, that which beats our hearts, and spirals through us as a living process.  This is Continuum! 


At its innermost core, it brings us back to our embryonic origins that are always sustaining and guiding us.  Following impulse as we did at our birth, we gain access to once again saying “yes “ to this life, as each ripple and undulation unfurls inside this mystery we call ‘body.’  Creativity lies within the unknowing of each unfolding movement, happening now, inside this magnificent structure of ‘body.’  There is nowhere we need to go, no way we need to move to find our most truest spiritual core – it is inside us, rippling, living, breathing, undulating through these waters that stand upright on land.  Continuum offers us an opportunity to rest inside our Source and replenish ourselves from the deepest nourishment we can receive: that which is living and breathing us.  When we drop beneath the surface noise and rest deeply inside our bodies, we tap into the inquiry of what it really means to be human.  We must drop inside ourselves in order to gestate and receive true inspiration.  

A dive lasts anywhere from an hour to 3 hours, to days ideally.  Each time we enter into the depth of our waters, we rest inside the deeper layers of our Being to be informed by the richness and vastness of the Mystery.  We often enter into darkness; thus, our body, breath, and sound become a ritual for transformation.  A true commitment to tap into our Essential Self – Continuum offers life-enhancing medicine – medicine we must tap into in order to receive!