A phrase came to me as I was walking one day: “Resting in the heart of Grace.”  I would say this work is captured by these words.   Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy is a holistic touch therapy that gently unwinds the nervous system from patterns of compression, hypervigilence, &  inertia to states of ease, resource, & flow.  It encompasses healing of the whole body/mind - physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual.  Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy allows for an entry point into the deep, meditative, vast Mystery we call Home.  Home inside ourselves.  Home on this earth.  Home inside this body, this mind, this heart.  Home inside this universe. 


What a Session Looks Like

A session begins with a history intake and intention setting for the session.  We begin by bringing awareness to breath  & sensation within the body.  Once the client is ready, the practitioner begins to make gentle contact with the the client's body; usually beginning at the feet.  We stay in open communication throughout the session so to 'track' what the client is experiencing and if and when contact needs to be shifted.  Usually, the practitioner makes contact with either the feet, cranium, sacrum, along the spine, or any area needing attention, such as ankles, knees, and shoulders.  The client remains fully clothed, and can lay on their back or side for greater comfort.  Sessions can also be done in a chair if needed.   There are sessions that require more communication and others that are held in silence.   The sessions are held with the intention to support the client in connecting deeply to their own body and the inherent resource and health within.  Session usually last about an hour.


What May Unfold In a Session

  • Release of body tension
  • Realignment of structure (without manipulation from outside; instead, shifts may occur from the inherent wisdom within)
  • Resting in stillness
  • Nourishing from connection to a greater Pulse of Life – Source
  • Resolution of trauma, birth patterns, accidents or injuries - easily and gently
  • Re-organization and attunement to Life, Heath, and the Original Blueprint of Who and What we truly are!

More About Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

There is a mysterious force that breathes, sustains, nourishes, and lives us and all living, breathing beings on this planet today, including the mysterious force that is inside our living, breathing earth body.  In Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy, this force is called, “The Breath of Life.”  The term “Breath of Life” coined by osteopath Dr. William Sutherland describes the mysterious force that sources us and is beyond form – beyond the physical body and describes the healing forces both within and throughout the body.  The Breath of Life is the inherent life force of the body; it has been referred to as the “soul’s breath,” and carries with it potency (life force). The mystery of this force laid down the ordering matrix when we were conceived and continued to form our developing body in utero.  This force is with us throughout life and offers us the invitation to return to its embodied medicine again and again so to re-orient, align and source from.

Dr. Sutherland realized how in particular the cerebrospinal fluid plays an essential role in expressing and distributing the potency throughout the body.  Through sensitive, quiet, “listening”, conscious touch, we can sense tidal rhythms that are generated by the Breath of Life and can be sensed within bones, tissues, fluids, the central nervous system, within form, structure and beyond.  We tune into these tidal rhythms that carry within it an Inherent Treatment Plan.  The practitioner ‘getting out of the way’ and only holding as a facilitator, deeply listening to the wisdom, timing, and resolution of the person’s system.  This Inherent Treatment Plan looks and feels different for each session – at times, active sensation is felt, at others, the depth of Dynamic Stillness that encompasses all activity is experienced and held.   We rely on the Breath of Life and these tidal rhythms that carry with it. Health and life-force (potency) to heal, circulate, and go where it’s needed in the body.

We stay wide and spacious, listening as we drop down and settle into deeper, wider, more spacious awareness to receive its message and moment-to-moment unfolding.  We listen via sensation and are invited to drop even below sensation and into a greater Field that is holding us.  Through the body as the vehicle, we orient to the Health and Wholeness that lives within to resolve any inertia or compensation that can be held in the tissue of the body from unresolved trauma, speed, injury, accidents, emotional holdings etc. 

When we allow the deeper forces to be witnessed by the practitioner and ourselves – we are gifted to receive its message of Dynamic Stillness underlying all form.  From this deep stillness, reorganization of body structure, function, and alignment are possible; a re-orientation to Health and the invitation to access deeper states of consciousness follow.

When we take the time to drop in deeper with ourselves and with another holding the space of witness – the other can act as a reflector of how the system speaks in return – wanting to express its story and have it be heard, held, and acknowledged.  The invitation to quieten and receive its opening wisdom.

The body as the portal.  The moment-to-moment unfolding as the guide.  The rest and settling as the intention and the spacious attunement to Self as the anchor!